Why You Should Choose Zahaka Massage Chair?

why you should choose Zahaka massage chair?

Zahaka massage chair has exquisite design, royal class, health care products for you and your family. All great features come together in a massage chair. Buy Zahaka massage chair, buy one get ten, buy peace of mind, comfort and convenience.

Reasons you should buy Zahaka massage chair

There are many brand that offer full body massage chairs but why we recommend you to choose Zahaka. Here are the outstanding advantages of Zahaka massage chair.

1. Genuine product, High-class brand from Japan

Zahaka is a supplier brand of high-class full body massage chairs manufactured on modern technological lines. With the desire to bring customers the best health care products, Zahaka has always put the quality criterion on top for many years.

Applying new techniques such as AI sensor technology, infrared heat technology, roller technology, airbag … brings a realistic feeling to massage operations.

The quality of the product is also reflected in the minor details; the high-quality leather seats are soft, smooth, and non-irritating when used. Zahaka massage chairs all have zero-gravity massage mode (Zezo-G) to help protect the spine, especially 3D King or 4D Galaxy high-end chairs with built-in Bluetooth speakers; users have just received a relaxing massage; you can enjoy your favourite music at the same time.

2.Have a clear warranty

When buying a massage chair at Zahaka, you will be warranted for five years, one to one exchange within 30 days if the product is defective. In addition, you will receive free shipping nationwide.

3. Accept multiple payment methods

Customers buying products at Zahaka can pay in many different ways. Specifically:

  • Pay directly in cash at the store.
  • Payment by bank transfer to the company’s bank account
  • Ship Cod within Phnom Penh city, receive goods first, pay later

4. Diversified products, customers have more choices.

Currently, Zahaka offers 4 main lines of seats with preferential prices:

1D Folding massage chair:

A simple design can be folded when not in use, soft and comfortable seat cushion, with sweat-absorbing lining. In particular, the seat can recline itself without complicated controls. On the side of the chair, there is a tray for water and a phone; you can massage and enjoy a cup of healthy tea.

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2D Moon full body massage chair:

The 2D Moon chair is the first to use roller technology to increase massage efficiency. The chair uses 2D rollers with 4 rollers moving in 2 directions according to the S-frame hugging the spine curve.

Besides, the 2D Moon full body massage chair is also equipped with a massage airbag system for the head, biceps, calves and feet to help users relax the whole body muscles.

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3D King full body massage chair:

The high-end 3D King chair line is equipped with 3D roller technology with 6 rollers moving in an L-frame to increase the contact area. The chair is also integrated with infrared heat technology in the lumbar region, full airbag technology with 31 airbags, foot rollers… 3D King massage chair has a mid-range price with many outstanding advantages, so there are many advantages. Users choose this product to take care of the health of the whole family.

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4D Galaxy full body massage chair:

This chair is named the “king” in relaxation and body care products; the 4D Galaxy massage chair is exceptionally prominent with its luxurious design and trendy design. The sturdy chair frame, integrated with AI sensor technology to optimize touchpoints, accurately identify acupuncture points for higher massage efficiency.

4D massage chair uses 4D roller technology with 8 rollers moving in 4-dimensional space following to the SL frame, embracing from the neck to the buttocks. The remaining technologies such as infrared heat, airbags, foot rollers, Bluetooth speakers are inherited from the 3D chair line.

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Where can I buy Zahaka full body massage chair?

There are many profiteering business units in the market that provide inferior quality products, imitations of the Zahaka brand. So when buying and receiving goods, everyone should check carefully, Zahaka’s chair has the unit’s logo printed on the pillow and mattress, the product is delivered with a warranty card.

Zahaka says no to inferior quality products. To buy genuine Zahaka massage chairs, you can go directly to the address… or order now through the website… Contact the hotline for advice on the latest policies and offers of the unit.

Zahaka – a companion on the journey of love for you and for your family.

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