Who Should Use A Full Body Massage Chair?

who should use a full boby massage chair ava

 Massage chairs help relax the whole body effectively, but the product only works when used for the right people, in the right way. So who should use a full body massage chair and who shouldn’t? The answer is in the article below; follow along.

Who should use a full body massage chair?

Experts have tested and given advice: Full body massage chairs will bring the highest efficiency for the following groups of people.

  • People over 40 years old: When entering middle age, the body shows many signs of ageing, health goes down. These people should exercise or use a massage machine every day to enhance muscle flexibility. Besides, using a massage machine helps increase blood circulation, help relax, and improve sleep quality.
  • People who do heavy work: Manual workers, heavy porters prone to pressure on the spine and muscle areas, should use massage machines to relax and improve pain and fatigue.
  • People with stroke or paralysis: Use a massage machine to stimulate blood circulation, prevent muscle atrophy, and reduce numbness of hands and feet.
  • Office workers: Using massage machines to reduce pain, neck and shoulder fatigue caused by sitting for a long time, sitting in the wrong position affects the spine.

Those who are recommended not to use massage chairs

Using the massage chair with the wrong subject causes unintended adverse effects. Some subjects that are not recommended to use a full body massage chair include:

  • In the first 3 months of pregnancy, women using a massage machine with strong vibration can lead to miscarriage. Therefore, doctors recommend not to use it during this period. Entering the 4th month, when the fetus is stable, pregnant mothers can use the massage chair in the appropriate mode to stimulate blood circulation, reduce numbness in limbs. However, before using, pregnant women should consult a professional.
  • After giving birth, women who are still weak, especially cesarean sections, should not use massage chairs because it can cause bleeding at the surgery site or make the wound heal longer.
  • People who are too old, no longer lucid, unable to self-motivate.
  • For people who are seriously ill or debilitated, using a massage chair can make the condition worse.
  • People with bone and joint injuries cannot withstand the strong vibration of the massage chair. Therefore, when injured, people should not use a massage chair but need to practice therapeutic exercises under the guidance of a doctor.
  • In addition, groups of people with cardiovascular, respiratory or neurological diseases are also recommended not to use massage chairs.

What should you pay attention to when using a massage chair?

To make the most of the full-body massage chair, during use, people should note:

  • Massage chairs should not be misused; only 30 minutes per day should be used; too much can have the opposite effect.
  • Absolutely do not use massage chairs for the contraindications listed above.
  • When using, if you feel pain or discomfort, it may be caused by lying in the wrong position or inappropriate mode. If you have adjusted and still do not reduce, it is best to stop using and consult a professional.

In addition, to increase the life of the massage chair, you need to keep the chair in a dry place, avoid high temperatures, avoid direct sunlight or a humid environment. If you want to use it continuously, you need to let the chair rest for 5-10 minutes between sessions.

Thus, who should use massage chairs and who should not use everyone has got the answer. It is necessary to remember the subject principle, carefully read the instructions to ensure effective use.

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