What does MC Thorn Leakhena say about ZAHAKA’s massage chair?

MC Thorn Leachena's mother was very happy to receive a gift from her daughter

MC Thorn Leakhena has bought and used ZAHAKA’s 4D Galaxy massage chair. Curious to know what she said about this product? Follow the article below to listen to the sharing of this beautiful MC about the high-class full body massage chair ZAHAKA.

Recently MC Thorn Leachena ordered at ZAHAKA a high-end 4D full body massage chair to take care of the body every day at home. And not to let this customer wait long, the product was packed and delivered to MC’s house within the same day.

MC Thorn Leachena has said:

“I have chosen ZAHAKA as my companion after long and tiring working days. It feels really good to be able to relax every day with a ZAHAHA massage chair without having to go out to the spa due to the pandemic situation.”

MC Thorn Leachena was delighted with the ZAHAKA massage chair, and she also wants the people she loves to care for more every day. After learning about the features and designs of the products, she bought another ZAHAKA Massage Premium Chair 3D Plus as a gift for her mother. This new product launched at ZAHAKA with two high-fashioned color versions: Black – Red, and Cream – Orange.

This product line is integrated with many advanced massage technologies such as infrared heat heating to help blood circulation, full-body airbag massage, roller system moving following to the SL frame with deep and wide impact. Most importantly, MC Thorn Leachena’s mother loves the 3D Plus Cream – Orange chair color, which feels comfortable and luxurious, suitable for many spaces.

MC Thorn Leachena's mother was very happy to receive a gift from her daughter
MC Thorn Leachena’s mother was very happy to receive a gift from her daughter

Thank you, MC Thorn Leakhena, for trusting and choosing ZAHAKA’s products. ZAHAKA’s health care products are gradually asserting their position in Cambodia and are trusted by many famous artists. We have been trying to improve the quality of our products and services further to meet the needs of the Cambodian people.

Currently, Zahaka is having a live product experience program at the Showroom. Customers can visit, shop and experience top-notch massage technology completely free of charge at two locations:

  • Showroom 1: No. 51,53, Street 03, Boeung Chhouk Village, Sangkat Kilometer 6, Khan Russey Keo, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
  • Showroom 2: 133, St. 245, Mao Tse Toung, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

In addition, when buying Zahaka products, you will enjoy many attractive policies and offers such as:

3-year warranty.

FREESHIP nationwide.

1 for 1 exchange within 30 days if there is a manufacturer defect.

Hopefully, Zahaka’s massage chair can help people relax and be healthier every day. Contact hotline 0966.661.504 – 061516611 – 0975060101 for free consultation and order.

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